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Few uses
of SocialPylon

Social media presence is a must nowadays. For many companies social media is the main communication platform. It is critical to use tools that allow effective communication management offering a client service on the highest level.

A timely reaction to a client’s comment is often crucial to maintain a customer-friendly image. SocialPylon monitors all comments appearing in social media in real time. This feature helps to reduce the outbreak of a crisis to a minimum and in the unlikely event of a crisis helps to control the escalation.

Manual tagging is a perfect feature for more demanding clients.

  • Monitoring of social media channels in real time;
  • Brand monitoring in social media, which guarantees a 100% success in finding comments concerning subject of interest;
  • Manual comment sentiment and context analysis performed by an experienced team of moderators;
  • Effective crisis management in social media;
  • Live moderated social media feed with handpicked comments (with the possibility of choosing only a certain type of comments, eg.: positive); the feed can be placed anywhere on a website and be mobile responsive;
  • Web monitoring based on keywords;
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reports;
  • Real time statistics;
  • 24/7/365 moderation;
  • Multiple language moderation;
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“Social media crisis” is a fairly young phenomenon. Although, many still are not familiar with that phrase, for a company with a social media presence “social media crisis” constitutes a great threat. The escalation of one negative comment to a full-blown crisis can take less than an hour. Within of moments a company can lose the image that it has been nurturing for years.

Therefore, an early warning system is crucial. Thanks to the real time monitoring and the ability to react to potentially dangerous comments within of 5 minutes 24/7/365, the chances of a crisis outbreak are close to nothing.

However, SocialPylon is not just an engine.

SocialPylon is it’s people. By buying SocialPylon you pay not only for a tool, but also for a dedicated team of professionals, with the longest experience in their field in Poland, whose experience will minimise the outbreak of a crisis in social media.

The tool and the team, together, is your guarantee for success in social media.

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